Putting SAP Data to work


Companies that run SAP have a wealth of data at their disposal. This data can be harnessed to make more informed business decisions that can significantly impact the bottom line.

However, this is a challenge for many SAP companies

Creating the necessary reports and analytics using this data is both onerous and time consuming for companies that don’t have the skills or the software at their disposal to achieve this.

Furthermore, traditional SAP peripherals (including Business Warehouse and Business Objects) are often cost prohibitive. Typically only companies with a $10 billion plus turnover can justify the expense and even then the ROI is often not there.

This is where the team behind Pomerol Partners comes into play

Our founders were at the forefront of the BI revolution. We have first-hand experience of how BI solves complex reporting problems, particularly in the SAP data environment, and how it achieves significant cost savings.

We use this experience, together with our deep SAP data knowledge to enable companies to make sense of their vast and complex data environment. This includes streamlining operational reporting and developing sophisticated advanced applications.

Contact us to ensure that your BI investment results in ROI

Let us help you with the analytics and targeted reports you need to make better decisions and in doing so realise significant cost savings.