Version Control for Qlik Sense

Motio, Inc. is no stranger to Business Intelligence. They created Soterre, the version control and deployment product for Qlik Sense. These features were designed to save you time and help you make data-driven decisions. Spend less time on the overhead of manually tracking each change and allow Soterre to transform your organization.

Motio, a Dallas based organization, began because they discovered common bottlenecks that BI and analytics teams were facing in their day to day work. These bottlenecks within the BI & analytics systems slow down the delivery of information & data that people need to move the needle forward at their organizations.

Motio developed software solutions that remove these bottlenecks and now BI & analytics teams and systems can operate more efficiently and effectively.

Soterre for Qlik Sense

Without a built-in change tracking system, it is very difficult (and time consuming) to follow what changes have been made to your objects in Qlik Sense. Soterre version control tracks any changes made to Qlik assets, including data connections, streams, apps, and objects within apps (sheets, attached files, server files, etc.). This results in an audit trail and a better way of managing the change history of your Qlik content. Soterre gives you back time to actually analyze and make decisions off of your data. The time you previously spent on manually tracking and organizing changes.

-Restore previous versions of content – Reduce time spent troubleshooting

-Recover deleted/broken content – Minimize time wasted on recreation & rework

-Compare versions side by side – Understand changes and pinpoint where errors may have originated

-Obtain data-driven results faster – Waste less time working in a cluttered environment

Deploying Qlik Assets

Soterre expands beyond the normal Qlik import/export functionality and deployment by:

-Bringing greater customization to your deployments by selecting which bookmarks, stories, streams, or data connections are included.

-Deploying on a more granular level by using tags to determine what is ready and prevent those that aren’t.


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