Future of Analytics & Reporting from SAP


Pomerol and Conessent Consulting GmbH, have aligned to bring you the industry leaders in SAP and Qlik to create an industry-leading Business Intelligence reporting and analytics suite of applications.

This collaboration is saving massive SAP project budgets, time, and labour in marrying data from different modules for reporting. If you’ve had difficulty or spent massive amounts of time creating reports out of SAP and into another platform to answer simple questions, this webinar is certainly worth watching! The material also transfers well to other core systems such as Oracle, Microsoft, and others.

About the Speaker


John Fitzgerald, Pomerol Partners Vice President


John is the VP of Operations for Pomerol Partners US. John has over 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries. He has helped hundreds of companies implement a wide range of BI tools and has developed data and analytics strategies for multiple for 100 companies. John has been on the Qlik Qonnections Partner Panel multiple times. He has also been selected to present multiple times regarding enterprise business intelligence.