Actionable Analytics and the Future of BI Applications

Actionable Analytics and the Future of BI Applications event by Pomerol Partners

Join us on December 14th as we discuss the evolution of analytics and business intelligence applications from the read-only applications of the past to functional, action-oriented applications that allow users and teams to:

Rapidly model data changes and “what-if” scenarios
Take immediate action on insights gained from analytics
Collaborate in real-time on scenario modelling
Review results before making changes in source systems
All from right within a Qlik Sense app!

Learn how to free your team’s time from endless context switching, time consuming swivel-chair analysis, and constantly exporting data to spreadsheets by evolving your Qlik Sense apps to the future of analytics with Pomerol’s Qlik Sense Writeback Extension.

We will also take questions from the live audience.


Wed, December 14, 2022

11:00 am -


Online - LinkedIn

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