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Over the past five years, we have used Visual ETL platforms such as Data360 Analyze to transform data for our customers in the UK, Europe and the US. Once a data transformation process has been developed, it can be automated so that you can have the right data available to you at the right time. Our consulting experience spans all the way from initial requirement gathering and solution design, right through to development and deployment, and finally onto training and knowledge transfer. Pomerol can truly provide you with an end-to-end offering.

Visual ETL

Using a Visual ETL platform, such as Data360 Analyze, will allow you to create a visual flow of the system’s logic via a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI enables you to use the ‘drag and drop’ functionality to build and test the data transformation process step-by-step.

Data transformations can often be defined by drop-down box selections, but the platforms will also support the integration of bespoke custom codes created in Python, Java, etc. Regardless of data transformation method, the benefit of using a Visual ETL platform is that you can clearly see what steps are being taken, on what data and at what point in the process – which gives you complete confidence that the post-transformation data will be accurate and correct.



The visual flow can be used to explain

To business stakeholders – how their requirements are being met.

To auditors – how regulatory requirements are being met and how sensitive data is being removed from the process, etc.

To members of the development and test teams – what data is being used within the process, how the data is being transformed, and the specific logic that is being applied at each step. This is key in reducing the time taken for additional development and for scoping regression testing.

Data Integration/Migration

In order to get a full 360-degree view of a business’s data you need the ability to extract data from various business systems (CRM, ERP, web traffic, marketing operations software and many more) and combine them for reporting purposes and analytical needs.

Having tools such as Data360 Analyzer, that can facilitate this extraction process across multiple systems and subsequent ETL techniques in order to bring this data together to provide a single source of truth can play an important role in providing this 360-degree view.

With companies looking for cost efficiencies across their IT landscape, leveraging the Cloud is becoming more and more appealing to customers. Having the tools to move data consistently and repeatably to the cloud has never been more relevant. With its rich node pallet of tools, Data3Sixty Analyzer allows the data engineer to extract data from source systems, transform and cleanse the data and then finally loading this data into new cloud-based databases or Data Warehouses.

Data Quality

In the current age of ‘Big Data’, having poor data quality leads to poor information. Poor information means a lack of actionable knowledge in business operations resulting in an inability to apply that knowledge to produce better business outcomes.

Being able to check and maintain the quality of your data held in any system is vital in order to help produce these actionable insights.



Data quality includes

Data completeness — Is there a value entered for this field?

Data Validity — Is the data valid? Eg.postcode format and content, telephone number length and format, salutation one of Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr/etc?)

Data Consistency — Is the data consistent across all data stores. e.g. customer DOB is the same on all systems.

Data quality becomes even more important when considering the use of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives. Without a solid data foundation, how can you trust the forecast results?

With Data360 Analyze we leverage its ability to highlight these inconsistencies in the data, reporting these back to data stewards to remedial action if necessary or applying business rules to clean the data on the fly producing consistent output for reporting purposes to enable better business outcomes.

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