Back to the Future with Machine Learning

Webinars and Demos
Umar Ali, Graeme Russell, Eric Wilson, Nate Olmstead, Kate Strachnyi

We are going BACK TO THE FUTURE with Machine Learning! Listen to the this recorded LinkedIn Live session to hear from Umar Ali, Consultant at Pomerol Partners, Graeme Russell, Senior Consultant at Pomerol Partners, Eric Wilson, Director of Thought Leadership at Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning, and Nate Olmstead, Senior Vice President of Data Analytics at Northrim Bank. The panel will be moderated by Kate Strachnyi, Founder of @DATAcated


  • Financial/banking problems where AI/ML could greatly assist (Nate, Northrim Bank)
  • Machine Learning trends we are seeing in businesses, especially related to demand planning and business forecasting (Eric, IBF)
  • Signs that your company is ready to implement machine learning (Graeme and Umar, Pomerol Partners) ​