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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Case Study

Case Study: Trade Breaks & Data Accuracy

Introduction An internal project to categorise and report on Trade Breaks was proving unsuccessful, as the users had little confidence in the accuracy of the data that was being presented to them. This resulted in various departments manually creating their own versions of the reports,...
Case Study

Case Study: QlikView to Tableau Migration

Introduction Completing a data migration from QlikView to Tableau in one of the leading Investment Banks definitely has its challenges and benefits. If visualizations are your core focus, Tableau is the best answer for your company. Tableau has a nice user interface and clean dashboard, therefore making...
Case Study

Case Study: Marketing Performance

Introduction Pomerol was able to transform the clients marketing performance dashboard through the use of Qlik Sense in order to track their main marketing KPIs based on their marketing insight data. Challenges Multiple data sources where being used. Delivery of Self Service data reporting/analysis platform....

Marketing Analytics

Bring your CRM to life with more than 5000 qualified data points on each one of your customers - providing extensive information on household demographics, consumption attitudes and spending behaviour.       Find out more about how we work across all industries. Industry Solutions...
Case Study

Case Study: Transactional FX Sales Analytics

Introduction Transactional FX (TFX) Trading desk manages the risk and execution of Corporate, Commercial, and Consumer client cross currency payment flow in one of the leading Investment Banks. TFX supports over 150 currencies globally across three trading locations using a 24/5 coverage model. Our QlikView...

Future of Analytics & Reporting from SAP

Introduction Pomerol Partners and Conessent Consulting GmbH, have aligned to bring you the industry leaders in SAP and Qlik to create an industry leading Business Intelligence reporting and analytics suite of applications. This collaboration is saving massive SAP project budgets, time, and labor in marrying...
Case Study

Case Study: Procurement – Supply vs Demand

Introduction Pomerol was involved with a leading global logistical solutions provider to implement reporting using the Qlik platform to highlight stock ordering anomalies, premediate supply chain snags and reduce costs associated with delayed product delivery. Challenges Alignment of supply to demand wasn't being met. Shortages...
Case Study

Case Study: Internal Fraud Analytics

Introduction A risk assessment scoring system for relationship managers Successful on-going measurement of fraud events and activity allowing the audit department instant identification of potential fraudulent activity. Challenges Complex design requirement for a dynamically weighted scoring system to assess the risk at a resource level....

Marketing Intelligence App – How To

In our previous article, we walked you through a demo of the Marketing Intelligence App, which enables you to enrich your customer database with real demographic, personality and behavioural profiles. In this explainer video, we show you the functionality and power of the API to...
Case Study

Case Study: Identifying Trade Breaks (Global Tier 1 Bank)

Introduction An automated reconciling solution for a 'MAFA' (Management Accounts against Financial Accounts) process was provided which allowed our client to transparently capture, adjust and then identify the root cause thus allowing us to report on any identified differences. The automation provided an easily-auditable solution...