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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Upgrade your QlikView Access Point

Custom QlikView Access Point Getting value out of Business Intelligence isn’t like it appears on flashy flyers. Just because you have a set of reports doesn’t mean that your company will adopt to your infrastructure in the way your project team anticipated. We have found...

Micro Analytics – Retail Banking

Pomerol’s Micro Analytics is a new breed of data visualization utilizing interactive maps to bring your markets and your customers to life. It's about discovering hidden opportunities, and generating actionable insights to drive your decision making.   Find out more about our solutions in Finance...

Scenario Analysis & Modelling

With an intimate knowledge of QlikView and a wealth of Big Pharma experience, Pomerol Partners have delivered a market leading platform to model market share and price variations across key sales markets. Based on historical sales data users can easily simulate expected price and market...

Qlik Sense Writeback Extension

Pomerol’s database writeback extension expands the use of Qlik Sense beyond the traditional boundaries of ETL and data visualisation. Users can modify both text and numeric data through the extension popup. Modified data is written back to the database, a partial/full reload of the Qlik...

Parallel Trading Insights

Pradar delivers business intelligence and market insights to help monitor the parallel trade of pharmaceuticals in Europe.   View more solutions in our Pharma solutions section. More on Pharma Contact Us

Client Repricing for FX Transactions

Developed in conjunction with a tier one global investment bank, this dynamic Qlik Application visualises historical trade data and allows simulated modelling of alternative pricing scenarios. If a client requests a discount on spread, the relationship manager can instantly raise a client’s full history of...

Pomerol Leading Blockchain Globally

Analytics, BI, Blockchain – do you know how this is impacting FinServ? Blockchain technology opens up the opportunity for participants to drive significant change, efficiencies, data provenance and the ultimate in compliance.The simple fact is that Blockchain allows you to keep ALL the relevant information about...