Business users with the ability to analyse their data in a fast, flexible and cost effective way is the future.

We understand business and we know that no two clients have the same requirements.
With our flexible approach to training, we can accommodate your needs.

Qlik Training | Introduction

Do you dream of the freedom to build your own analytics without time consuming, expensive, and rigid IT projects?

Well it’s a reality, and it goes by the name of Qlik. Pomerol Partners service some of the world’s largest companies, from a range of industries, and we do it with Qlik (alongside some serious business acumen, of course). We are offering the opportunity to learn how we do it, from our experts, in an environment that best suits your needs.

Do you need greater autonomy around study topics?

We offer the ability to select specific modules from our training matrix. This option is recommended for clients who know what areas they want to develop, and will typically have mid to high levels of QlikView experience.

Register your interest below and one of the team will be in touch to discuss the options. In the meantime, have a look at the Modules Overview for an idea of what we’ll be covering, and be sure to keep an eye out for forthcoming Workshops.

Modules | Overview

In order to remove the complexity of selecting what to study, we have split our formal training into Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels. These sessions are delivered in a classroom environment, either on site at your offices, or off site at conveniently located training facilities. All you need is your own laptop, with a ‘Personal Edition’ of QlikView 12 installed.

Foundation Course
Our 3-Day Foundation course is designed for people with little to no experience in QlikView and is dedicated to kick-starting your Qlik adventure. We will walk you through the empirical skills, enabling you to build your own applications with confidence and begin to explore your firms data. Each subject is taught with a healthy split of theory, discussion and practice – Basically, the best preparation possible for your journey.

Intermediate Course
The Intermediate course is designed for those who have completed the Foundation course, or have been working with QlikView for a number of months. Again, each subject area is covered with the appropriate mix of theory, discussion and practice to ensure efficient knowledge transfer. A lot is covered in this course, focusing on the development of tools to really impress your end users.

Advanced Course
The Advanced course is aimed at people who have a really good grip of QlikView and want to brush up on, or up skill from scratch, in some of the most complex areas. These sessions involve a lot of interaction, discussion, and at times even debate.

Whilst we call this training suite our ‘formal’ learning offering, our expert tutors are utterly approachable and relish the opportunity to answer as many curve ball questions as you can muster.

Workshops | Overview

Workshops are an excellent way for us to proliferate our knowledge under less structured conditions. Whilst we set a very definite topic for each of our workshops, we find that the highly interactive nature of these sessions makes them more of a group driven learning adventure -each gathering is unique. All you need is your own laptop, with a ‘Personal Edition’ of QlikView 12 installed… and your imagination!

What’s Next?

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