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Data has never been so dynamic. If you’re not learning every day, you’re slipping behind. Fortunately, we like the steep part of the learning curve – and our clients seem to as well. We’re capturing what we believe to be best practice BI in this resource library to help CXO’s like you get the information you need. Download our data visualization white papers to stay ahead of the curve.

White Paper | A Front Office Guide to Better Analytics

This guide is designed for investment and retail banking sales account and trading desk leads looking to use their data to gain a competitive edge. By effectively leveraging your data, your business can benefit from the insights and advantages in several ways:

• Pro-actively identify client pricing outliers and manage the situation before issues arise;
• Optimise your collateral levels and strategies by reacting quicker to external market events;
• Realise process and resource efficiencies by having access to instant and accurate information;
• Challenge your technology infrastructure to become bigger and faster.

This guide provides a high-level overview of the steps required to leverage disruptive analytical business intelligence and big data technologies. It should be combined with an agile and iterative project management approach.

White Paper | 6 New Ways To Manage Portfolio Credit Risk Using QlikView

Today, increasing regulatory controls have expedited the need for credit
risk officers to have access to robust reporting platform that allow them
to quickly identify trends and movements in their underlying portfolio.

Over 2,500 financial services institutions rely on the QlikView platform,
including all of the top 20 financial institutions based in North America
and Europe, because it empowers business users and decision-makers,
providing access to on demand analysis, insights and business discovery.

This document highlights the functionality that has enabled QlikView to
stand out amongst its peers when it comes to delivering analytical
reporting for credit risk officers.