Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Excel and the Qlik Sense business intelligence platform

Sense Excel is an add-on that runs directly inside of Excel that allows businesses to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of both.

Sense Excel

Combining Qlik and Excel

Sense Excel, an add-on inside of Excel, makes it possible to use Qlik features inside of Excel such as set analysis, dynamic visualizations, and responsive filters. With live connection back to your app and no separate hardware required, Sense Excel is an extremely easy tool to integrate into any business.

By combining Qlik and Excel features, Sense Excel gives businesses the capability to take full advantage of Qlik role based security and task scheduler.

Sense Excel Reporting

Reporting Made Easy

With Sense Excel Reporting, it has never been easier to create, schedule, and distribute reports using Microsoft Excel as the authoring tool. Reports can be effortlessly made to your preference with the click of a button. These on-demand, pixel-perfect, legally compliant reports are very convenient and helpful in saving time and money.

Sense Excel Technical Overview

Example Use Cases

  • Create reports for specific regions and time periods in seconds
  • Use Qlik set analysis inside of Excel to write responsive equations with conditions in cells
  • Easily bring data into an Excel sheet using Sense Excel to incorporate a table with only the fields requested
  • Inside of a Qlik app, request a report to either be automatically opened/downloaded or to be uploaded into a new Excel workbook

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