When was the last time your Qlik Environment saw a doctor?

Find out if you’re keeping up with the the ever-changing business intelligence environment with a Qlik Health Check. Qlik Health Check combines a pulse check on an organization’s ETL and Architecture, System Administration and includes a full Application Review.

Qlik Health Check Components

ETL and Architecture

Do your data models conform to best practice standards?

We understand that a growing BI environment can quickly lead to less than optimal data modelling built under time pressured conditions. We will make recommendations to improve your data modelling and set new standards for the future.

When did you last conduct a full code review?

Pomerol will conduct a code review, suggesting improvements to de-risk your scripts, creating an environment that’s less resource intensive to maintain and one that fosters easier collaboration between developers.

Is your ETL process time consuming or resource intensive?

We can advise where incremental loads and improved automation can reduce the day to day burden of running your BI environment.

System Administration

Do you know which applications see the most traffic?

Understanding the criticality of each of your applications will help prioritize maintenance tasks and allocate resources where they are needed most.

Are you getting the most from your license pool?

We provide an assessment of license usage, recommending the optimal license type for each user and advising on the most cost effective way to scale your license pool.

How well is your data storage organized?

A clear folder structure is crucial to mitigating data error risks and sustaining an environment that is intuitive to new users and scalable as your organization grows.

Is your QMC aligned with the needs of the business?

We will audit your QMC configuration to identify security risks and scheduler bugs that are adding risk to your system.

Application Review

Are you facing performance issues in large applications?

Poor application response times can have a harmful impact on user engagement and usage. We will provide an assessment of what’s causing the issues and make recommendations to get your apps running like they used to again.

Has a growing BI environment led to a loss of standardization and best practise?

We will assess all charts, tables, dimensions and expressions and offer recommendations on methods and techniques to use as a development guide going forward.

How can you keep up with the latest in UI and UX trends?

Pomerol’s UI and UX specialists will offer guidance on improvements to help you keep pace with user expectations. We can provide object and page structure templates to guide and align future development.

Challenge the standard

Improve your Qlik environment today by setting higher standards for your Qlik solutions to keep up with the ever-changing business intelligence environment.