Extract more value from your Qlik solution

NodeGraph makes it possible for you to understand and trust where the data in your Qlik® Solution comes from by mapping its full journey.

Effective and Simple

NodeGraph helps you get a behind-the-scenes look at your Qlik Solution. See how a single field is being transformed and leveraged throughout your entire Qlik environment. Visualize your Qlik solution – from original data source through to end user reports.

NodeGraph automatically creates full system documentation at the click of a button. There is no manual work needed – just point where you store your Qlik files and log files.

3 Key Modules


Visualize your Qlik Solution. Generate your Qlik system documentation with a single click, always up to date.


Full data lineage. Show all transformations on a field from first loaded to when it’s used in an application.


An easy way to verify that your governance framework and development guidelines are being followed.

2 Additional Modules


Unit and regression testing to ensure your Qlik solution is operating as expected


Automated documentation to assist with compliance to GDPR in Europe

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