Agile planning and actionable analytics for your Qlik platform

K4 Analytics is a successful line of extension objects for the Qlik platform. More specifically, K4 Analytics is a modular solution that seamlessly extends the Qlik platform so that clients can easily combine planning and analysis.

The Power of Extensions


The two main extension objects include smart data entry and corporate performance management features, which allow clients to build and deploy agile planning applications to occur in a fraction of the time and using a fraction of the cost.


With K4 Analytics, corporate processes, such as budget and forecasting, are considerably streamlined to save time and reduce operational input errors.

Example Use Cases


  • Using an Excel© file as a template, keeping all the formulas and the formatting, K4 dynamically fetches data from Qlik dataset and SQL live queries to populate the Excel template.
  • Manage a simple Profit and Loss statement with speed by linking cells to data and using it inside Qlik – user installation of MS Excel is not required
  • Clients can enter data, text, date, checkbox and drop lists in K4, saving on the fly to a SQL database


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