The comprehensive monitoring solution that protects your organization and assets

Comprehensive protection in a plug-and-play package

Our solution solves unique and complex monitoring challenges by combining an intelligent network of sensors and gateways with industry-leading monitoring applications, real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts.

Protect your entire enterprise

Monitor refrigeration systems

Monitor enterprise assets

Multi-layer protection

You and your employees have better things to do than spend time monitoring refrigeration systems and assets. With a few well-placed monitoring sensors, we give you around-the-clock remote protection.

Protect your assets
around the clock

Monitor all of your assets at any time, from anywhere using our web and mobile apps. Set sensor reading thresholds to efficiently manage compliance record-keeping.

Get notified instantly when problems are detected

Receive instant, actionable alerts via SMS text messages and emails anytime issues are detected. Configure alert settings to manage incidents.

Expandable solutions adapt to your growing needs

Optimize operational efficiency as you grow by increasing your monitoring protection. Choose from hundreds of sensors to solve any use case, including motion, door, and leak detection.

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