Move from prescriptive analytics to predictive analytics with efficiency, accuracy, and intuitiveness

DataRobot offers a world-class automated machine learning platform and services and education that jumpstart your transformation to an AI-driven enterprise.

Machine Learning

DataRobot, the pioneer in automated machine learning, quickly earned its touted reputation by allowing companies without the data expertise or resources to efficiently create predictive models that extract clear-cut business value from their data.

DataRobot makes machine learning more accessible to a broader user set of employees who may not have a data science background. There’s also a greater efficiency enabled for organizations that need to run a large number of models in parallel, and when speed and precision are what creates a competitive edge.

Precision Modeling

No matter how complex the data, DataRobot sorts through thousands of algorithms to give users the most precise predictive model, which agrees with Pomerol Partners’ philosophy of shifting from prescriptive analytics to predictive analytics. DataRobot allows precise models, and therefore expert business recommendations, to be created in days as opposed to months.

Qlik is a technology partner of DataRobot

Example Use Cases

  • Simultaneously test more models in a fraction of the time, and therefore accelerate model delivery
  • Promote data literacy across your organization with intuitive software
  • Courses through DataRobot University that educate clients on the latest methods in enterprise machine learning and AI, helping attendees identify opportunities to optimize their business using machine learning
  • DataRobot APIs and SDKs that allow partners to easily integrate the DataRobot automated machine learning platform into their customers’ existing environments and services

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