Powerful SAP Analytics powered by Qlik.

Developed by industry leaders in SAP and Qlik, the Cross Module suite of applications can get you up and
running in less than 90 days.

Guaranteed to improve the depth and speed of visibility into your SAP ERP domain.

Cross Module is the only Enterprise BI Reporting Platform that reports across a variety of SAP Modules to deliver truly end to end business process analytics. A stand alone Business Intelligence System, Cross Module can be deployed locally or in the cloud according to your business needs.

The system is designed to pull tables from SAP and creates business value driven data models for advanced analytical reporting.Our proven success stories include rapid deployments, massive operational cost reductions and proven business related savings well in excess of $5 million.


Qlik powered applications allow a more accurate and quick visualization of SAP data.

Procurement Suite

The Cross Module Procurement Suite is an easy to use suite of procurement management dashboards that require only minor customizations.

Sales Suite

Manage and track sales efficiently, saving time and money. The sales suite provides a user friendly look at your current sales to derive insights into sales metrics.

MRP Suite

Optimise your organisation’s MRP function. Become better at managing and controlling your end to end MRP function.

Finance Suite

Manage your finance function more proficiently. The finance suite enables decision makers to quickly analyse the current status of your firm’s finances.

Case Study | Industrial Supply Chain & Procurement

Combining the latest in-memory BI technologies, and an intimate knowledge of SAP, Pomerol Partners deliver cross module analytical reporting at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional business warehouse solutions.

Ready for more efficient and ready-to-use SAP reporting and analytics?

We’ll show you how to harness the power of your ERP infrastructure with Cross Module.