Join the NoSQL Revolution with an Engagement Database for the Massively Interactive Enterprise.

Couchbase offers the worlds first Engagement Database, supported by the most powerful NoSQL technology providing incredible developer agility and manageability, in addition to unrivaled performance at any scale.

What is NoSQL?

As a business evolves so does it data, but that can lead to headaches when that data needs to be stored. Unlike a relational database, NoSQL databases allow you to build an application before defining the schema, making it easier to update data and requirements. Also with the ability to scale horizontally, you can add and take away servers as demand requires it. In addition NoSQL is built to deal with unstructured data, such as social media posts, which make up a large portion of today’s data flow. To see examples of NoSQL in action, check out how LinkedIn and other companies have used Couchbase to save them time and money.

Customer Engagement

New technologies are changing the way we get data, unstructured types of data are being generated in massive volumes and need to be captured and consolidated.

Couchbase supports this data collection in real time, allowing you to deliver an immediate personalized experience for smart product recommendations. Also add new features and microservices with ease, with Couchbase your data platform scales in real time to meet demand.

Cloud Capabilities

Couchbase is a geo-distributed cloud-native data platform that provides data modeling flexibility, real time scalability with a shared-nothing architecture, high performance through a built-in cache, and cross datacenter availability through inter- and intra-cluster data replication. Couchbase is built on the most powerful NoSQL database technology and powers today’s business-critical applications in any multi-cloud environment.

IoT and Mobile Data Management

Most modern data management systems can’t keep up with the tsunami of information generated by today’s devices and machines. Couchbase solves this problem by providing Couchbase Lite, a lightweight data management system on mobile that has cross platform support for all major OS. Which is connected to Couchbase Server, a NoSQL Database that scales to your workload and provides its own Full Text Search. Both are connected by Sync Gateway, that will automatically and securely sync your data between the two.

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Couchbase can provide the flexibility and reliability needed to take your data management to the next level.

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