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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Pioneering Blockchain.




What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a secure digital means of recording transactions. Not just money, but any movement of data, purchases or ID / serial number assignments. As the name suggests, transaction data is collected and categorised into blocks, and then chained together through specific code/cryptography.

Let Pomerol guide your organisation through the exciting world of Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Hyperledger and introduce you to concepts such as mining and cryptocurrencies. We understand the complexities of the Blockchain industry and are able to help you conceive, design and implement a solution for your needs.

Our consulting services can start from the highest level where we explain the landscape, evolving technologies and best practices that relate to your business, or design and implement bespoke solutions.


Our experience lies in constructing private Ethereum BlockChains, building smart contracts using the Ethereum platform and more recently – the use of Hyperledger in data driven blockchain solutions.

Successful Use Cases


FINSERV | Pricing Transparency & Improved Audit Scores
In 2016 we implemented a pilot project at a Tier 1 Global investment bank to achieve pricing transparency and improve audit scores in various FX trading platforms. The pilot was proposed and successfully implemented on-time and on-budget despite navigating the complex FX architecture and data flows.


FINSERV | FDS Implementation 
In 2017 we successfully developed and implemented an FDS (File Distribution System) for a London-based Global Insurance Broker. The solution is an encrypted, immutable, distributed file storage system powered by the Ethereum platform and IPFS (Interplanetary File System). The result is a solution that create immutable.This platform has no downtime, as well as a high level of security provided by AES256 encryption algorithms. The project was delivered on-time through a combination of on-premise and off-site work.

Blockchain Demo

See our Blockchain powered analytics dashboard in action.
The Pomerol Partners Master Data Management (MDM) console, powered by Qlik Sense, allows an organisation to proactively operate, monitor, manage and optimise the full data process. From initial data sourcing right through to reporting you are able to engage business users. The MDM Console is a business focused, agile and flexible solution that either leverages your current MDM infrastructure as a ‘Bolt-on’ or serves as a rapidly deploy-able solution framework to start from scratch.


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