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Pomerol Partners teams up with Applied Blockchain to drive integration between Qlik and Blockchain.

Feb 23, 2016

Blockchain technology opens up the opportunity for participants to drive significant change, efficiencies, data provenance and the ultimate in compliance. This is driving increasing interest especially within Financial Services for Smart Contracts and is very much part of the Fintech boom. The simple fact is that Blockchain allows you to keep ALL the relevant information about specific agreements and/or transactions in the single chain.
Fred Hefer, co-founder and CEO of Pomerol Partners, is very excited about the prospective solutions in and beyond financial services. “Adi and his team at Applied Blockchain are an exceptional outfit and on the cutting edge of Smart Contract technology. Collaborating with them on service delivery and product development, gives our clients a simple path into the potential of blockchain for their firms.”
For Adi Ben-Ari, co-founder and CEO of Applied Blockchain, the benefits of a BI based partnership are clear.

“The guys at Pomerol know where firms and their clients need smart contracts. Their commercial approach to BI service delivery makes them understand what a client’s core business challenges are – it is in these challenges that we see a significant channel of applications.”