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Delivering Qlik Sense to strengthen the connection between Kansas City residents
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Using data to optimize 311 calls

Kansas City selected Pomerol Partners as one of the city’s innovation partners where we have the opportunity to test and develop innovative solutions to city problems. We are working on using data to optimize 311 calls so that the city can be of better service to citizens. 311 is residents’ connection for City services and information.

Welcome to the KC311 Instructional Guide Area. Here, as users of the app, we’ll show you how it works and give you tips to use it. So please choose the video you wish to view, follow the steps we outline, and start bringing your service data to life!

Let us know how it goes and of course, reach out if you need help.

KC 311 Qlik Sense Functionality Guide

Accessing the KC 311 Application

KC 311 District 1 Use Case

Innovation Partnership Program Demo

  • Produced for Kansas City’s inaugural IPP Demo Day on December 13th, 2016
  • Made possible by the Office of Performance Management and EDCKC
  • Delivering a production ready analytical platform for the City
  • Enabling all users to make more informed and more rapid decisions

311 Service Requests: Bring your Service Data to life

  • Be more efficient: eliminate duplicates of spreadsheet analysis
  • Establish Accountability: through dynamic KPIs, from departments up to districts
  • Gain Insights: discover drivers through analyzing trends
  • Rapid Returns: use as a service or procure the platform

Thank you for your interest, and please contact us if you have any questions.