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Big Squid and Pomerol Partners Join Forces in a New Partnership

Sep 19, 2018 | Company News, Qlik

Pomerol Partners and Big Squid Partner to Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Pomerol Partners is now a proud partner of Big Squid, a company focused on maximizing data and analytics investments. Big Squid brings the power of machine learning and AI to business decision makers and unlocks the hidden value of a company’s data. The Kraken platform, built by Big Squid, automates the machine learning model deployment process, all while leveraging an already existing analytics team and technology.

As an official Qlik partner, Pomerol Partners anticipates many customer successes stemming from using Big Squid’s Kraken platform, which tightly integrates automated machine learning with existing Qlik implementations. Specifically, Big Squid MLKits (Machine Learning Kits) are single use-case Qlik Sense apps for non-data scientists that demonstrate the potential of adding predictive workflow and decision making. MLKits range from customer and employee retention, to sales forecasting and lifetime value, and beyond.

Big Squid and Kraken allow multiple scenario analyses, as well as the opportunity to operationalize machine learning. Operationalizing machine learning includes enhancing existing BI visualizations with more proactive and prescriptive insights. Kraken allows BI insights to be forward-looking and actionable. Kraken enables the rollout of interactive and action-based decision tools, and allows users to provide tightly defined “what-if” tools or other insights based on next-generation AI.

Pomerol Partners’ current and future clients will benefit greatly from MLKits and operationalizing machine learning. The uncertainty and complexity of machine learning and predictive forecasting is removed, allowing users to make smarter decisions faster. Pomerol Partners looks forward to working with Big Squid in speeding up clients’ analytics value journeys and optimizing business challenge outcomes.

Big Squid: Big Squid was founded nine years ago to provide much-needed automation and scale in the Data & Analytics space through a combination of software and services. Our evolution and software development efforts are rooted in addressing real-world business outcomes associated with Data & Analytics deployments across nearly every industry. We focus specifically on the executive and business users’ need to effectively forecast business outcomes and build a business action plan grounded in greater mathematical certainty and ROI. With so much data readily accessible, we’ve built Kraken™, an innovative software platform providing automated access to the power of machine learning for existing Data & Analytics teams and technology investments. With more accurate forecasts and more mathematically sound business insights in hand, executives and business leaders can prescribe action to drive more profitable and effective outcomes. Simply put, we help businesses look ahead, and to be proactive instead of reactive to make smarter decisions faster. Seed Funding Press Release. Series A Funding Press Release. For more information, please visit

Pomerol Partners: Pomerol Partners is a data focused consultancy with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa. Approaching challenges from a business point of view instead of from an IT point of view allows Pomerol Partners to solve business problems with an end to end solution of disruptive technologies – Qlik, Couchbase, Lavastorm & Blockchain. Pomerol Partners delivers business critical data solutions in a timely and scalable manner that drives unparalleled efficiency improvements throughout client organizations. For more information, visit