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Pomerol is focused on ROI

$17.6m saved by our clients through increased revenues, decreased costs and reduced manual effort.

Rapid Growth of our Hosted Solutions

65% growth in Pomerol’s user base over the past 12 months.

Criticality of Analytics

45% of users engage with their BI solutions on a daily basis.

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Marketing Intelligence

Pomerol Partners has teamed up with RUF Strategic Solutions to create a marketing intelligence application that enables you to enrich your customer database with real demographic, personality and behavioural profiles. The marketing intelligence database will reveal the distinctive demographics, phychographics, media preferences and buying habits of your most valuable audience segments, so you can deliver campaigns that appeal specifically to them.

Practical solutions for your challenges

Resistance to change can only be addressed through flexibility.

FinServ is our core

We spun out of Deutsche Bank in 2013, understand the vertical and keep pressing the leading edge. Pomerol is in the top quadrant of Qlik’s financial services partners for a reason. Our clients, their savings and industry awards reflect the commitment to our roots.

Supply Chain is the next frontier

Applying investment banking grade analytics to the supply chain has transformed our company. We are unlocking immediate savings and process efficiencies within manufacturing. The savings are substantial and our clients happily reference their success.